Omnichannel transformation at the Eram Group – objective: 0 stock-outs


Accelerating sell-through of store stock with Ship from Store

To limit stock-outs and improve the online customer experience, the Eram Group has chosen to unify its stock – online and in-store – with OneStock OMS.

The Group has begun its first phase of omnichannel transformation by deploying Ship from Store and Click and Collect in over 400 Eram, Bocage and Mellow Yellow shops.

Since the end of 2020 for the Eram network and the beginning of 2021 for Bocage and Mellow Yellow, the physical shops have become mini-warehouses capable of shipping customer orders placed online. Thanks to Ship from Store, the shops can avoid online stock-outs by making use of the products available on the shelves when they are out of stock in the central warehouse.

reduction in out-of-stock rates, from 32% to just 11%
turnover for Eram and Bocage in 2021
items shipped by the Eram Paris Sébastopol shop (record for February 2021)
items shipped by the Bocage Paris Haussmann shop (record for March 2021)
One of the key elements of a successful Ship from Store scenario is to involve the shop teams in these operations and share some of the gains with them. In fact, each interaction of a shop with digital contributes to the shop’s turnover. The Ship from Store strategy has enabled us to achieve a 25% increase in turnover over 2021 and 40% of orders were fulfilled using Ship from Store during the first week of the 2022 sales.
Portrait Julien Paillat

Julien Paillat

Head of E-commerce
Eram Group

Optimising orders and returns for better customer satisfaction

In order to build a complete omnichannel experience, the Eram Group has implemented Click and Collect with both standard and express services. When an order is being placed, the OneStock orchestration module checks whether the product is available in the selected store. If the product is available, collection can be offered in just a few minutes. Since the implementation of Click and Collect, 36% of Click and Collect orders required stock transfers from a shop to the collection store and 11% of these Click and Collect orders were for express pick-up. The rapid availability of items has greatly improved the customer experience.


Finally, Eram chose to focus on the management of returns, which had been a real challenge for the Group. All returns were previously handled in store and, in addition to impacting store sales, did not allow for any link with the warehouse. With OneStock, returns are now centralised and optimised. The customer can buy anywhere and return the product to a drop-off point or to a store where the Order Management System triggers an “expected return” for the warehouse. If the store associate processes the return of an online order, the e-commerce platform takes care of the refund.

The speed of implementation, the quality of the tool, the ease of use and the expertise of the teams were key criteria in choosing OneStock OMS. The implementation of Ship from Store and Click and Collect has been a real asset to improving the profitability of the Group’s shops by taking full advantage of the entire inventory, and to optimising the customer experience. We plan to continue the Group’s omnichannel development with OneStock by implementing new omnichannel scenarios such as international order processing, Order in Store and the connection between the OMS and our marketplaces.
Portrait Julien Paillat

Julien Paillat

Head of E-commerce
Eram Group

Omnichannel features deployed for Éram