Optimise operations with OneStock’s powerful OMS business intelligence

Increase profitability with a data-driven OMS that traces activities across every department, from the moment an order is placed through to final delivery. 

Instantly create operational business dashboards

Access a suite of pre-configured reports to improve your daily operations

The insight you need

Track activities and incidents, get notified of problems, optimise your logistics operations and sales efforts

The full range of OMS data at your disposal

Discover and analyse all OneStock’s OMS data

Maximise your omnichannel ROI with the OneStock Business Intelligence (BI) Suite 

Optimise your sales 
Optimise you operational and logistical costs
Optimise customer satisfaction

OMS business intelligence
Some practical examples

Here are some indicators you can track with OneStock’s BI Suite:


Reduce the order cancellation rate

View the cancellation rates. 
Track the loss of revenue by type of cancellation.
Monitor the reason for cancellation.


Reduce the number of split order shipments

Track the number of packages per order. 
Sort by sales channel, order type or order amount.


Optimise order picking processes

Track the order picking time, by stage.
View the ratio of items prepared v claimed. 
Sort by item, shop, region etc.

Instantly create operational business dashboards

View information in real-time

As a retail expert, OneStock understands your issues and has developed a comprehensive suite of relevant metrics that will help you optimise your omnichannel transformation.

Add new customised reports

Our solution’s simplicity allows you to easily add your own customised reports without coding, in order to optimise key indicator monitoring.

Monitor a wide range of business KPIs

All indicators can be monitored. For example, you can track the evolution of time spent on each order preparation step per store/country/order type, the reasons for order cancellations, the differences between estimated and actual delivery times etc.


The insight you need

Understand the current situation

Analyse trends, sources of customer dissatisfaction, poorly followed or poorly defined business processes, areas for improvement, and the most effective shops and/or carriers and/or products with OneStock’s BI Suite dashboards.

Receive regular notifications

Receive automatic alerts when the system detects abnormal results when compared to the average.  

Optimise your business for the future

Monitor the indicators over time and make changes in your organisation and/or internal processes at the same time. Analyse the impact of these changes by monitoring your KPIs.

This retailer had a great store contribution, over 3 items per basket on average and a very good cancellation rate (<2%). The OMS was already very well configured but we still identified a way, by changing some parameters, to increase the number of orders that are shipped in a single package by 2%.
Portrait Aurélie Launay Abert

Aurélie Launay Abert

Head of Customer Success

The full range of OMS data at your disposal

Every bit of data at your fingertips

The OMS tracks everything that happens. With OneStock you can be sure that you have access to all this data – either by exporting it or by receiving reports directly to your mailbox.

Aggregated data 

View aggregated values of the data at your disposal, allowing you to track sums, averages, numbers of occurrences – showing trends and KPIs, not just values.

The SiSense BI

Our solution is based on SiSense technology and all its options including easy filtering and sorting, access to further analysis of certain data at any time.