Order in store
Order In Store items or sizes not available on the shelves using the OneStock sales assistant application

Order In Store creates a larger instore offer by connecting to all stock (DC warehouse, point of sales network, etc). Deliver a real omnichannel experience to your customers, with a comprehensive offer and a seamless experience
between different channels.

Connect your sales assistants to your unified stock

The OneStock Point Of Sale application offers retailers and their customers a modern, engaging route to access the brand's entire catalogue and to check the quantity available.

From their tablet, smartphone or any terminal, the assistant benefits from a powerful tool to help their client search for an item, whether it’s available at the point of sale or not.

The item is not available in store - don’t worry! The client can place their order using the OneStock application and have it delivered to their home, fulfilled from the brand’s warehouse or another point of sale.

Improve the instore customer experience, infinitely expand your shelves and don’t lose a single sale.

The increase in point of sale turnover is immediate and could reach more than 10%.

Order In Store: the must have for tomorrow's retailer

Order In Store virtually expands a store’s range, allowing it to sell all products, even if they’re not physically on the shelves.

Give your customers the best instore shopping experience

Allow your staff to close out every possible sale

Give your staff an excellent sales tool

Make your entire catalogue available in every store

Bring your stores into the digital age

Avoid your sales assistants wasting time searching for items that are not available

Endless Aisle: shelves bigger than your stores

Order In Store offers your customers access to endless aisles.
Sell all items, all sizes and even those not contained in the instore collection and avoid stock-outs in store.

Save the Sale! Don’t let your client leave without finding what they are looking for.
Find the item regardless of its stock location and take the opportunity to upsell complementary products.

An expert team in Order Orchestration

Our omnichannel experts assist throughout the whole implementation of your Order In Store project.
From the consultation phase to defining your propositions, to the writing of user manuals for your store staff, the OneStock team guides you according to your business objectives.

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