Your customers want to buy items from wherever they choose and return them to anywhere... are you ready for it?

Your customers want a seamless shopping experience: buy from anywhere and return items via whatever channel they choose. Using OneStock, facilitate improved returns management for your store staff and for your customer service staff.

Self-service returns and the customer experience

In addition to a personalised online shopping journey, today’s customers want to have the opportunity to make a mistake, to change their mind and then return a product easily via any channel that they choose:

In-Store Returns:

The customer has the opportunity to return an item by taking it into any store belonging to that brand. The refund is made via the payment method used when ordering.

Warehouse Returns:

When an online order is placed, a pre-printed return label is placed in the parcel to allow the customer to make a return free of charge. The customer can also log in to their account and register the item to be returned on a dedicated portal in order to print a return label. The parcel may then be taken to the post office or collection point, depending on the original delivery method. The customer is notified by email that the warehouse has received their parcel and the refund is then made via the payment method used when ordering.

Easy management of in-store returns by store staff

When a customer makes an in-store return, the Store Assistant App allows store staff to easily find the initial order and to fill in all of the necessary information for the return:

Type of order:

Shows if the item was purchased as part of an online purchase, Click & Collect order or Reserve & Collect order.

Order history:

Provides a comprehensive view of the customer account, showing past orders and orders in progress.

Returns management:

Shows whether the customer is returning the entire order or only a single item.

Returns reasons:

Gives the reason for the return: wrong size, wrong colour, defect on the item, customer changed their mind, etc.

Print the return form:

Prints the proof of return that the customer must keep until the refund has been processed.

Returns efficiently managed by customer service staff

Given the various channels that customers can use to make their returns, customer service must be able to handle several scenarios:

Blind returns:

These are returns that are received directly by the warehouse without the warehouse having been previously informed, and without a given reason for the return.

Returns organised by customer service:

These are returns where a customer is not satisfied with an item or the item is faulty. The customer can contact customer service directly and they will issue a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) that allows the customer to return the item.

By enabling the easy processing of returns and the rapid reintegration of the items into available stock, the OneStock OMS supports customer service operations. The amount of stock is updated in real time and takes into account both incoming and outgoing movements. This gives a clear and reliable view of stock.


In line with the large number and ongoing modernisation of shopping scenarios, optimised returns management allows:

Returns processes to be simplified as far as possible

A seamless shopping experience for your customers

Your store staff to be guided step-by-step through the returns management process

Better management of returns by customer service staff

Stock to be updated in real time, integrating customer returns

The Store Assistant App to meet stores’ needs

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