OneStock customer culture: Ashleigh Thevenet, Head of Customer Experience
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The customer culture at OneStock

Article by Ashleigh Thevenet, Head of Customer Experience at OneStock since May 2023

With four years in advertising production, 13 years in digital agencies overseeing major web development projects, and four years in luxury retail at Boucheron, I have always sought customer-facing roles that allow me to address challenges in customer service and project management.

Each past experience has, in a way, prepared me for my current role as the Head of Customer Experience at OneStock. I am thrilled to be part of a rapidly growing software vendor and to support our teams in a new era as we evolve to meet the current and future needs of our clients. These needs vary throughout each client’s lifecycle, yet we adapt through meticulously studied tools and methodologies.

We are all someone’s customer, and in the context of case management, what we appreciate is the ability to always speak to the same person, not having to retell the entire story, avoiding information losses, and being able to trace our requests and exchanges.

Well, that should also be true in the realm of SaaS!

What does the customer experience look like for OneStock clients?

We have more than 70 clients globally, and each one of them is special to us. We know them all. This knowledge is shared within the company and, more specifically, within my Customer Experience team, which encompasses Customer Success, Delivery, Evolution and Expertise.

On a daily basis, our clients can rely on a Customer Success Manager (CSM). As a true business expert dedicated to their project, the CSM serves as the preferred point of contact throughout the customer lifecycle. The CSM monitors needs and suggests how OneStock can adapt to them. Leveraging OneStock’s omnichannel reporting tool, the ‘BI Suite,’ the CSM collects and presents relevant data during Business Reviews to advise clients on OMS optimisation in their organisation.

We also have an Expertise team and a Delivery team that closely collaborate on projects. The Expertise team serves various needs: validating the feasibility of our projects, estimating costs, providing training, facilitating client workshops and supporting our integration partners. Once the expertise team gives the green light, the project can start with an expert guiding the design phase. Business analysts and developers from the Delivery team join the project to successfully carry out all phases.

Finally, the Evolution and Support departments complement the Customer Experience team. Evolution handles client change requests to ensure the product and its configuration meet their needs. Support, on the other hand, addresses technical incidents and tickets immediately. This separation of roles and the phase of understanding and simplifying the requirements allow the teams to be more efficient… and the client feels it!

What I particularly love about our current organisation is that each client has a team truly dedicated to their needs at every stage of their lifecycle, all while benefiting from continuity through their dedicated CSM.

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