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How does your customer experience compare to your competitors?

Customer experience is the core of any retailer’s business. Every sales and marketing activity, and every business project, is aimed at increasing conversion rates, driving revenue growth, building customer loyalty… and all of this is done by improving the customer experience.

Why is it all about customer experience?

If your brand puts CX at the top of your business priorities, then you are already at work to limit the loss of customers and profits that come with a bad experience.

These are the consequences you are avoiding:

Loss of clients

  • damaged brand image
  • difficulty in attracting new customers
  • failure to maintain customer loyalty

Loss of profits

  • increase in acquisition costs
  • decrease in sales
  • decrease in conversion rate

How can the customer experience be improved?

While you may have already implemented some omnichannel initiatives to enhance your shopping experience, there may still be a gap between:

  • the services you provide vs. the services your customers are expecting
  • the services you provide vs. the services you could provide

But how do you measure your existing experience? What improvements are possible? To answer these questions, we’ve created a Customer Experience Index.

OneStock CXI is a benchmark scoring system designed to highlight the e-commerce competency of a retailer and compare performance against the wider industry and specific sectors.

With your CXI score, you will be able to:

  • Get an accurate view of your e-commerce and omnichannel capabilities
  • Identify potential improvements to your e-commerce services
  • Compare your performance within your own market thanks to benchmarking by industry and by country

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