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OneStock BI Suite: pushing the limits of OMS with data

OneStock has leveraged its 10 years of experience in omnichannel commerce to push the boundaries of Order Management Systems. How do we do this? By identifying the business KPIs that are essential to any omnichannel retailer and integrating them into our new BI Suite. This new tool gives you all the necessary data you need to manage your business and improve efficiency.

What is the BI Suite?

OneStock BI Suite is an omnichannel data analysis tool that helps you better understand your business and optimise all omnichannel operations and executions.

The BI Suite shares metrics to quantify the business, analyse it from various angles, detect unusual behaviours or trends, and measure the impacts of any changes in configuration. It’s a practical, out-of-the-box tool that shares key metrics, such as cancellation rates, with a level of detail never seen before: fully cancelled order rate, partially cancelled order rate, reasons for cancellations, and so on.

The BI Suite tracks the evolution of the different indicators over time and offers focus by sales channel, order type, period, etc.

The power of the BI Suite also lies in the sector analysis it enables. Our retailers can now benchmark themselves in relation to their sector with the help of factual data.

The BI Suite is not just a reporting module, it is THE business-oriented solution at the heart of OneStock that focuses our knowledge of business needs and relevant KPIs.
Portrait Aurélie Launay Abert

Aurélie Launay Abert

The BI Suite makes OneStock more complete and powerful than any other OMS on the market

Our customers played a crucial role in the creation of the tool. Our teams had previously identified significant performance gaps between our customers, and by studying the data from each of them, we were able to understand and analyse the reasons for these differences. We then worked with our customers to identify the most relevant business KPIs in order to gain efficiency by highlighting concrete actions to be taken.

The BI Suite is the result of a joint effort between our customers and our Product, Onboarding, Support and Customer Success teams, all of whom are experts in understanding the challenges and objectives of omnichannel retailers. With this new strategic tool, OneStock opens the doors for data- and business-driven insight to all players in retail, industry and B2B. The value provided by an OMS becomes 100% transparent and measurable thanks to the finesse of data analysis for each brand.

Most OMS on the market provide services without data-modeling, which therefore needs to be managed internally by brands. The OneStock BI Suite is a turnkey, ready-to-use analysis tool. With this tool, retailers can immediately get to the heart of the matter, to study and follow-up on sales gains, margin optimisation and loss limitation.

Discussions with OneStock teams are also enriched by the data collected by the BI Suite. In particular, our Customer Success team provides two performance reviews each year, analysing overall performance, identifying areas for optimisation and advising on best practices. 

With this tool, OneStock confirms its position as a strategic partner and reaffirms the relevance of its solutions for your various business departments through extremely accurate analysis reports.

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