Unified Click & Collect
Allow your clients to pick up their online purchases in store

Picking up orders in store is something made possible by the Click & Collect solution, and it is now the third most popular delivery method for your clients. A win-win strategy for your business and your clients, it allows you to improve your clients’ experience with your brand whilst optimising stock rotation.

Orchestration of Click & Collect orders

Your clients want to be able to collect their items in the store of their choice and as soon as possible. Thanks to OneStock you benefit from stock unification, allowing you to ship Click & Collect orders to the selected store regardless of the storage location and according to the orchestration rules you have determined, e.g. directly from stock at the selected store, from a warehouse or, as a last resort, from the store which is the only one to have stock.

Sourcing a Click & Collect order from the warehouse is less profitable than sourcing it from the store stock. The unified Click & Collect solution allows you to optimise this process in order to cater to your clients’ needs and to meet your sales targets.

Cost optimisation

The unified Click & Collect solution also allows you to optimise your costs. All of your storage points (stores, warehouses, suppliers, etc) are linked and connected together, it is up to you to determine your orchestration rules according to your objectives.

Different items can now be shipped from another storage location closer to your client’s preferred store.

Express Click & Collect

This provides an even better experience for your clients who can now collect their order as quickly as possible. If the item chosen by your client is available in the store where they want to collect it, you can allow them to collect it in a matter of minutes. Scheduling in your stores and the geographical proximity of stores to your clients allows their express needs to be met.

In-store cross-selling


The unified Click & Collect solution also allows you to generate more Web To Store traffic. When your client collects an order they are physically in the store, allowing you therefore to offer complementary products in order to increase your cross-selling rate. According to a study from JDA, 24% of Europeans who used Click & Collect bought another product in-store while they were picking up their online order.

The advantages of unified Click & Collect

Provide an express service thanks to your stores’ geographical proximity

Reduce your costs and shipping delays

Meet your client's needs

Optimise your stock rotation thanks to Order Orchestration

Put more items in your client’s shopping basket by cross-selling products

Generate a higher online conversion rate

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