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ba&sh boosts its customer promise and sales despite the pandemic

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Ship from Store

A new Order Management System saw new momentum in the brand’s sales growth during the pandemic

Just one month after the activation of the OneStock OMS, the ba&sh was registering unprecedented order peaks, with up to a 3.5-fold increase in online sales. Also notable was the fact that 22% of the brand’s online sales were generated from the new innovative services, in particular Ship from Store (the dispatch and centralisation of orders from stores).

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Ship from Store
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the OMS
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The hybridisation of a premium brand

ba&sh’s success is based on the brand’s ability to address all sales channels (stores, ecommerce – which accounts for 30% of the brand’s sales – and wholesale) by offering a personal, unique and consistent customer experience. With a three-month ‘time to market’ on this OMS project, ba&sh demonstrated its ability to adapt to the rapid changes in current consumer habits. With OneStock’s Order Management System, ba&sh can now:

Improve the customer experience by bridging the gap between digital and physical, through services that create synergy between these channels as an integrated solution
Have a unified vision of stock, regardless of its origin (web warehouse, stores) and sales channel (physical or digital). This omnichannel stock management offers multiple advantages
Ensure that more products are available for sale in real-time, in turn reducing stock-outs
Sell stock more quickly, reducing dependence on discounts and reducing the number of unsold items by eliminating residuals
The OMS was a strategic priority. It is an important project that meets the challenge of combining the uniqueness and exclusivity of the brand with a high level of service and reliable delivery promises. We are merging the web and physical networks with the ultimate goals of customer satisfaction and improved profitability.
Portrait Pierre Arnaud Grenade

Pierre Arnaud Grenade

Global CEO

Ship from Store drives sales growth

The deployment of OneStock’s Ship from Store solution proved its worth during the January peak season, particularly during the winter sales period.

With a peak order intake on the first day of the sales, which resulted in a 3.5-fold increase in the number of items ordered, the promise of an improved service for online orders had been fulfilled.

In January 2021, 21% of online orders were dispatched from stores, ensuring optimum customer service. The new ba&sh model proved its effectiveness during the Lockdown by compensating for stock shortages in the warehouse.


Bridging the gap between web
and stores with an OMS

The implementation of OneStock’s Order Management System was designed on an international scale, in line with ba&sh’s brand image, and to enable faster and cheaper deliveries from local stores. The international activation of the project covers the United States, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

ba&sh is an iconic brand with very strong digital maturity. Expectations were high, both in terms of customer experience and economic profitability. All this in a very short timeframe given the context, as we had to deploy the solution in just three months. After less than three months of operation, the results are already looking excellent and ba&sh will continue to leverage the full potential of OMS in the coming months.
Portrait Romulus Grigoras

Romulus Grigoras


Innovations designed to enhance a personal experience

The sales consultant’s job is becoming increasingly digital through this hybridisation of sales channels. ba&sh makes a point to serve all its customers, wherever they are (small and large stores, online and offline) with the same level of service and attention by making all products available across all channels. By simplifying access to all of ba&sh’s creative offerings, the brand is refocusing its sales consultants on providing the best possible personalised experience for customers.

Omnichannel features deployed for ba&sh