Order management
Help your customer service staff to view and manage all orders

OneStock centralises omnichannel customer orders and allows your customer service staff to easily find any order. It gives them access to all the details and history of the order, and allows them to manually alter it.

Order history and advanced search

The order listing page allows you to find an order very quickly based on numerous search criteria.
Orders can be found by the customer’s name, email or phone number. Auto-complete facilitates and speeds up the search.

Other criteria also allow you to find particular orders:
  • the store fulfilling the order
  • a specific item in the order
  • the status of the order
  • the range of dates between which the order was placed
  • the sales channel
  • the type of order
When a customer calls customer service, search results are displayed immediately to provide the best experience.

Alerts dashboard for omnichannel order tracking

You can set up custom alerts on orders allowing the customer service staff to take specific actions. OneStock automatically identifies the orders with an alert according to the order criteria and events that have occurred or may occur.
For example, an order that has been waiting to be fulfilled by a store for more than two hours can trigger an alert to the store or redirect the order to another store.
Customer service staff can see these alerts directly, along with the number of orders in question. In one click they can find all the orders assigned and have access to each of them.

In addition to tracking screens, notifications can be sent by email, so that you can be pro-active and quickly solve problems before it's too late!

Viewing and managing the order

With a simple click the customer service staff can see all the detailed information for an order.
The status of each step in the order process is displayed according to the progress of the order. Parcels already prepared appear with their contents.
The tracking number is displayed for each parcel and is clickable to allow you to directly access the carrier's tracking page.

The history of the order is available, showing all the operations performed (automatic or manual).
It is possible to cancel or return all or part of the order, whatever the progress of the order.
Even if OneStock automatically manages order orchestration, including in the case of exceptions, it is still possible to intervene manually in an order to change its status or to redirect it manually to one or more stock points. You always retain control over your orders!

Help your customer service staff with better omnichannel order management

The level of satisfaction experienced by the customer does not remain static once the purchase is made, it can change, so empower your customer service staff with the best tools to track and manage all omnichannel orders, ensuring excellent service.

Advanced order search

Fast and efficient responses to customers

Detailed information at your fingertips

Pro-active in the case of problems

Accurate management of cancelled articles

Manually stop the order at any time

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